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Is 3CP the same as TCP

TCP is a registered trademark as is 3CP, however the ingredients of these two brands are identical.


Why is 3CP so popular?

3CP performs so many functions which negates the need to purchase 3 or 4 other products. 3CP's anti-microbial function is so powerful that consumers have trusted its ability to perform for the whole family, it truly is a "Jack of all Trades" type of product.

Why is the Smell and Taste so Disgusting?

This is a charachteristic of phenolics. And as much as there is a following for the original formula, there is an even larger resistance to the vial taste and smell. Because we understand what customers want, 3CP is now available in an Oral Gargle that contains the exact same ingredients, except the taste is quite delicious. One would not believe they are the same products.




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