3CP is one of South Africa’s leading brand for sore mouth and throat conditions. 3CP provides customers with the confidence of effective relief for all in the family who have a sore throat or mouth because it is effective and well tolerated. 3CP is recommended by professionals, from oncologists to ENT specialists and General Practitioners and from Oral Health specialists to dentists, as well as pharmacists. amp children, dose adults, adults amp, gt years, children gt, andolex oral, every hours, suck lozenge, for use, as necessary, or gargle, sore throat, read more, we are, hours as, oral rinse, do not, mouth and, and throat, for all, ml every, with ml, all day, andolex lozenges, necessary do, not swallow, swallow 3CP, gargle with, phend pharmaceuticals, painful inflammatory, rinse for, use in, throat 3CP, the mouth, conditions of, of the, in home, home dose, inflammatory conditions, years rinse, relief from, day use, symptomatic relief, rinse or, on the, sprays directly, directly onto, onto the, to sprays, years to, to suck, lozenge or, gargle dose, the painful, painful or, gently repeat, repeat every, children years, swallow gently, and swallow, or inflamed, inflamed area, area and, difficult to, it difficult, lozenge hourly, hourly maximum, maximum lozenges, years suck, go dose, and on, for symptomatic, the go, lozenges day, day andolex, night time, time when, when it, at night, use at, oral spray, spray for, use and, lozenges all, family who, who have, have sore, throat or, the family, contact us, of effective, effective relief, relief for, all in, 3CP is, or mouth, and well, well tolerated, tolerated 3CP, 3CP 3CP, effective and, is effective, mouth because, because it, it is, confidence of, in the, the confidence, 3CP provides, provides customers, with the, customers with